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Holistic Therapist (specialising in Aromatherapy & Reflexology)

Practicing In: Theale/Newbury

Phone: 07720 290465



Sarah is a holistic therapist with a number of years of experience in the field. Qualifying in 1996 in Aromatherapy, she then followed this up in 2008 with Reflexology – studying at the Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine. She now offers additional treatments such as Indian Head Massage and Holistic Facials.

What is Holistic Therapy (aromatherapy & reflexology)

Holistic Therapy is a broad description for treatment people with specific problems, but by looking at a bigger picture of their condition. This approach upholds the thoughts that all aspects of people’s needs including psychological, physical and social should be taken into account. Sarah focusses on aromatherapy and reflexology however depending on your personal requirements it may be prudent to recommend additional or other therapies as your treatment programme progresses. A holistic therapist doesn’t seek to diagnose and if in doubt will work alongside conventional health practitioners.

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What conditions respond well to aromatherapy & reflexology?

Aromatherapy is renowned for helping with any stress related issues. It can be used as a massage treatment in the clinic with follow up uses at home with inhalation, compresses, baths. Aches and pains can be eased, emotions can be balanced and the clarity can be brought to the mind. Studies have shown aromatherapy increases production in work environments. Reflexology helps many conditions, particularly useful for hormone balancing, helping ease migraines, help with IBS and generally calming a stressed body. This is not necessary stress in the conventional sense of a stress job causing tiredness and illness, but can also be a body under duress from medical or environmental conditions. Reflexology is successful used in infertility and pregnancy, with studies showing a course of reflexology during pregnancy reducing the length of labour time and the amount of pain relief required.

A few words about me

I believe that, on the whole, our health is in our hands. We can choose to take control and even when life throws the unexpected it is how we deal with the unforeseen that can determine the outcome. I believe that it is better to maintain good health rather than reacting to a crisis, and that when situations arise that take this out of our control, we are then in a better place to fight the battles in front of us.