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Hypnotherapy is the use of a trance state for therapeutic purposes. All hypnotherapy is really self-hypnosis, as nobody can hypnotize another person against their will. The trance state is often referred to as an altered state of consciousness.  Altered simply means changed. What has changed? Our brain waves have slowed down and we are in a more relaxed state. More relaxed physically as well as mentally. This allows easier access to the sub-conscious portions of our mind.

Entering an altered state is a natural and common occurrence. Every night we go to sleep and move into a much deeper altered state. So deep, indeed, that we lose consciousness. Daydreaming is another common example of entering altered states. We all daydream frequently, often not even realizing that we have entered an altered state of consciousness for a period of time.

Anyone who meditates will be very familiar with entering a trance state and the feelings experienced during a hypnotherapy session will be similar to the feelings experienced during meditation. In general, it can be said that the experience is very relaxing and enjoyable for most people.

Julie Marsden

Hypnotherapist and Counsellor


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Hypnotherapy is not magic, nor is it a cure for every condition. However, it is a highly effective natural healing modality, which can yield astonishing results across a wide variety of conditions The aim of hypnotherapy is simply to return conscious control over every aspect of our life, rather than being driven by sub-conscious belief structures, which are often highly destructive.

What conditions respond well to hypnotherapy and counselling?

If you are suffering from stress, feeling anxious or depressed, counselling can help you explore the contributing factors and hypnotherapy gives you the power to make effective changes. It can give you the ability to relax deeply which is very healthy for your mind and body.